This technique is the most effective at calming a crying baby, according to science

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-26 17:20:04

Japanese and Italian researchers have found the most effective method for calming a crying baby, and it takes just 15 minutes.

When a baby cries, it is not always easy to calm him down. If his crying is not related to a feeling of hunger or discomfort, some parents do not know how to make their child stop crying.

According to a study conducted by Japanese and Italian researchers, there is a particularly effective method for calming a crying baby. This technique would be the best of all and could save many exhausted and desperate parents.

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To carry out this study, the researchers analyzed the baby's behavior with video recorders and heart monitors. They also studied four different methods of calming a baby: holding him up, putting him in bed, holding him while walking or rocking him in a rocking chair. stroller . Among these methods, one of them would be the best.

How to calm a crying baby?

To calm a baby who cry , it is advisable to take him in your arms and walk with him for five minutes, making sure that he is always in motion, without sudden movements. Then you have to sit down and hold it against you for five to eight minutes before going to bed.

“Excessive crying, especially at night, is a major source of stress for parents. This approximately 15-minute method is worth trying before parents start getting seriously worried about what's wrong with their baby.' , said Kumi Kuroda, a researcher at Riken span for Brain Science, Japan.

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Thus, the study proves that the best way to calm a crying baby is to put him in motion, by carrying him or by rocking him for several minutes. To prevent the child from starting to cry again once in bed, make sure you sit down properly after walking him, even if he has fallen asleep.

“What helped was sitting with the sleeping baby for five to eight minutes after walking him around to get him into a deeper sleep phase” , said the researcher.

After these 15 minutes spent with your child, he should finally have regained his composure.

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