This sign is considered the most jealous of the zodiac

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-20 15:52:02

In astrology, some zodiac signs are considered more jealous than others. Without further ado, discover the sign that surpasses all others in this field.

« Love breeds jealousy, but jealousy kills love '. This quote from Christine of Sweden (Queen of Sweden from 1632 to 1654) resonates as a universal truth. However, we no longer count the number of couples who separate because of jealousy.

Indeed, jealousy in love is one of the most common reasons for breaking up. It must be said that this character trait is a real poison. You may not know it, but Scorpio (October 22 - November 23) is the most jealous sign of the zodiac .

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Scorpio is plagued by jealousy

Helpful, warm, kind... A Scorpio in love does not lack qualities, but his biggest flaw - jealousy - poisons his mind when doubt arises. Suspicions dictate his conduct and cause him to adopt immature behavior with the love of his life.

The natives of the sign Scorpion are passionate and insecure beings. This explosive cocktail results in dramatic scenes. But that's not all ! They find it difficult to trust because they are afraid of being hurt. Result: they doubt everything and lock themselves in a whirlwind of bitterness.

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Blinded by jealousy, this water sign lets himself be devoured by his emotions and his disproportionate reactions. Unsurprisingly, this attitude does not pass with the chosen one of his heart. This tension usually causes a huge argument or even a breakup.

Attention ! Scorpio will not hesitate to take revenge to soften his pain.

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