This revolutionary ice does not melt and resists extreme temperatures for one hour

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-23 16:24:01

In Japan, a caterer has invented an ice cream unique in the world which has the particularity of resisting high temperatures. Indeed, it is possible to enjoy this ice cream for an hour without it melting, even if it is 35 degrees.

When it is very hot in summer, we are often tempted to buy a good ice to refresh itself. Yes, but here it is: you usually have to hurry to eat this little sweet treat which unfortunately melts very quickly in the sun, at the risk of seeing all the ice cream running down your fingers.

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If you want to take your time and enjoy your ice cream in the summer, this new product might be for you. Indeed, a Japanese caterer belonging to the Nakasho group has created an ice cream that does not melt, even during very hot weather.

Ice cream that does not melt for an hour

This ice cream, which has been named ZuT, has the particularity of being able to be eaten in an hour, without melting, even when it is very hot. Thus, it is possible to take advantage of this sugar factory under 35 degrees for an hour without having your fingers full. Once the 60 minutes have passed, the ice will begin to melt.

The recipe for this special ice cream has not been communicated by the caterer, who wishes to market it. However, he said he managed to delay the melting phenomenon by changing the amount of fat present in the ice cream. For this, he added natural ingredients such as strawberry polyphenols, as well as other products that are still unknown.

Ice cream for the elderly

Contrary to what one might think, the Japanese caterer did not have this idea by seeing tourists complaining or by experiencing it himself. In Japan, the Nakasho company is known for providing meals to the elderly in the retirement homes .

While exercising his profession, the caterer noticed a disorder from which some elderly people suffer: dysphagia. They feel a sense of discomfort or blockage, which prevents them from swallowing properly.

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Thus, the elderly take a long time to eat, and some retirement homes have decided to no longer give them ice cream, because it melts too quickly for seniors who do not have time to treat themselves. It is for this reason that the caterer decided to create an ice cream that takes time to melt: so that people in retirement homes can enjoy their little sweet pleasure while taking their time.

For the moment, this unique ice cream is not marketed in France. It is sold at a price of 6 euros in Japan and exists in three different flavors: chocolate, strawberry and yogurt. Of course, Japanese nursing homes were the first to receive this product.

Source : France Info