This punishment used by many parents to calm their child could soon be banned

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-13 12:44:02

To calm a child who throws a tantrum, several punishments are used by many parents. One of them, which is very common, could soon be banned by the Council of Europe.

When a child does something stupid, is disobedient or throws a tantrum and can't calm down, many parents decide to send him to his room. Once the child is alone, he will have to think about what he has done and calm down.

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When you are a parent, it is very important to show your child that it is not him who decides and to establish parental authority. This is why punishments exist. The punishment which consists of sending a child to calm down in his room had been recommended by the Council of Europe for 15 years, because it was a calm punishment. But that decision could change.

“Go to your room”: a forbidden punishment?

This novelty was shared by Le Figaro, which would have had access to an email from Regina Jensdottir, head of the children's rights division. In this email, she would have judged that sending a child to her bedroom would be an 'obsolete' punishment that will be 'reworked'. Thus, this punishment could soon be prohibited and discouraged for parents by the Council of Europe.

“A child who gets angry and disobeys is a child who is not well. Since when do you leave someone alone who is not well? It is an incredible psychic sanction and I weigh my words. If you want the child to calm down, you have to stay with him. , said Christine Schuhl, educator of young children interviewed by Le Figaro.

Some experts go in the direction of the Council of Europe since they do not agree at all with this punishment. For them, leave a child alone when he is bad is a kind of abandonment. The punishment would be counterproductive because the child would feel neglected and devalued. According to some associations, this method is a form of psychological violence.

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On the parents' side, the opinions are mixed. Some parents think that their children do not understand the meaning of this punishment and are unable to calm down on their own. Others are convinced that by being in their room, the children will believe that they are abandoned and that their parents no longer want them.

Other parents claim that this punishment has been life-saving for them, especially in the case of violent children. In any case, if this punishment becomes prohibited, it will be necessary to find other forms of punishment to calm a child and assert his authority.

Source : Le Figaro