This photo of a huge white shark leaping out of the water a few meters from a surfer is impressive

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:47:27

In San Diego, surfers were surprised to find themselves face to face with a great white shark. A photo immortalized the terrifying scene.

This is the image that is doing the rounds of the web this week. During the annual competition of the San Onofre Surfing Club, which took place in San Diego in the United States, a predator stole the show from a surfer, then in full competition. While he was catching a wave, a white shark jumped behind him more than 4 meters high.

Credit: Jordan R. Anast

A surreal scene

A moment that was immortalized in photo by Jordan R. Anast. Himself shocked by the scene: “This is a photo I will never get again. It just sounds like 'Sharknado', it doesn't look real. (...) It beats my pictures of dolphins. It was surreal,” said the photographer.

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For his part, the surfer, Tyler Warren, did not realize anything and was able to finish his performance with flying colors. He also got a 10/10 from all the judges. Fortunately, no one was injured after this surreal scene. According to surfers and jurors present at the scene, the atmosphere was electric after the leap of the shark . And we want to believe it.

We leave you with the impressive and terrifying images of the flying shark.

Credit: Jordan R. Anast

Credit: Jordan R. Anast

Source : News24