This pasta cooking technique proposed by a Nobel Prize is debated

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:23:02

An Italian scientist has, despite himself, provoked a real debate in his country by proposing a funny solution to save money.

We don't teach you anything if we tell you that pasta is sacred in Italy !

A local scientist has just found out the hard way after sparking a mini-controversy following a suggestion that obviously didn't please everyone.

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This Nobel Prize winner provokes a heated debate in Italy by suggesting to… lower the heat under the pan of pasta

It all starts on 1 is September when Giorgio Parisi, a renowned Italian physicist and Nobel Prize winner in his discipline in 2021, posted on Facebook an unusual cooking technique for pasta which would save energy.

In his publication, the 74-year-old scientist thus suggests lowering the heat to its “minimum” level, under the pan and covering it with a lid or a pot to cook the pasta.

Girorgio Paris also cites a certain Alessando Busiri Vici as an example, explaining that he cuts off the heat completely, letting the pasta cook in boiling water for two minutes.

And the least we can say is that his suggestion caused a lot of reaction. Many Italians, including some cooks, have commented by showing total disagreement with the scientist, who nevertheless received some support.

Among the latter is the chemist Dario Bressanini who explained to the local news agency Ansa that the technique was not new and that it worked.

The interested party even published a video titled “ Put the pasta and turn off the heat on the social network TikTok in order to prove his statements.

A sequence that has been viewed more than three million times.

This lively debate demonstrates to what extent the issue of the context of the energy crisis remains sensitive on the other side of the Alps and that the slightest suggestion encouraging savings can set fire to the powder.

Source: AFP