This new drug is the most expensive in the world, a single dose costs 3.5 million dollars

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-25 18:39:02

In the United States, a new drug has just been put on the market and it has a particularity: it is the most expensive drug in the world.

In the United States and Europe, an estimated 16 million people have hemophilia B. Unlike hemophilia A, which is more common, this disease affects approximately one in 40,000 people and 15% of hemophilia patients worldwide. world.

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Hemophilia is caused by a deficiency or absence of factor IX, a protein necessary for blood clotting. sang . In the absence of this protein, the blood clots less well, which causes bleeding in the joints, muscles or internal organs.

If there is already a treatment to relieve haemophilia patients, it is administered intravenously and must be taken throughout life.

The most expensive drug in the world

A new treatment to relieve patients with hemophilia has just been marketed in the United States. However, this medication is far from being like the others since it is the most expensive in the world. A single dose of this treatment would cost $3.5 million.

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This drug is based on a gene therapy that would provide genetic material (a portion of DNA) in a human cell. the treatment increase blood levels and reduce bleeding by half over the course of a year. Thus, 94% of patients could do without regular infusions. According to the researchers, a single dose of this product would cost less than the cumulative cost of treatment that hemophiliacs receive throughout their lives.

'The price is a little higher than expected but I think this treatment is promising because firstly the drugs that already exist are also very expensive and secondly hemophilia patients live in constant fear of bleeding' , said Brad Loncar, biotechnology investor.

Unfortunately, at this price, few people will be able to afford the treatment. Setting a fair price to make this medicine accessible to as many people as possible is the new challenge for health authorities.

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