This new beer made from wastewater is all the rage in Singapore

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-29 17:49:02

Its name may not mean anything to you, but this new beer is all the rage in Singapore. The problem? Its composition may make you grimace.

Like many countries, Singapore has its water imported into its territory due to its lack of natural resources. And the least we can say is that the City-State has no shortage of ideas for saving this important resource.

The drink is selling like hot cakes

Indeed, the National Water Agency of Singapore and the brasserie Singaporean craft Brewerkz have developed a strange beverage: a beer made with the country's waste water. Yes, you read that right.

Photo Credit: Brewerkz

This drink first caused a stir in 2018 when it first appeared in breweries and restaurants across the country. It is now sold in packs of three in Singapore supermarkets, explains GQ magazine.

Regarding production, the brewery recycles water via microfiltration and UV light to get rid of bacteria, viruses and unwanted bacteria. Once this step is completed, the water is purified and disinfected.

Photo credit: Brewerkz

NewBeer - made from 95% wastewater - also contains 5% German barley malts, American hops, as well as Norwegian yeast (also known as 'kveik'). The beer is presented as a tropical blonde with a sweet, toasty aftertaste. Note that the drink is selling like hot cakes in shops. It must be said that its price (3 euros) is very attractive.

Photo credit: Brewerkz

As a reminder, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.

Source : GQ magazine