This mother of a family has been fighting justice for three years to obtain sole custody of her children

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-07 18:05:05

In Eure-et-Loir, a mother has been engaged in a legal battle for three years in the hope of obtaining sole custody of her three children, who would be victims of abuse by their father.

Ketty Le Traou is a resident of Gommerville, in Eure-et-Loir, and mother of three children . She had her first boy with her first partner before having two other children with another man, with whom she remained for five years. However, the latter would have left her overnight without giving her an explanation.

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After this separation, the children were placed in joint custody. It was then that Kitty learned that her children were allegedly abused by their father. Behavioral disorders have been observed in the children who also show signs of blows on the body. Faced with these observations, the mother filed several complaints against the father and alerted the courts to protect her family .

The children were placed

However, not everything would have gone as planned. In the eyes of justice, the father of the family would not be guilty because he would pretend to be a victim in front of the judges. In addition, he would accuse his wife of being unstable and claim that she uses her children by manipulating them to get revenge on him, according to Ketty.

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On October 20, the justice made his decision and requested that the two youngest children be placed with Child Welfare. Devastated by this decision, Ketty would be in misunderstanding and would experience a real shock.

“I had set up spaces to speak with the doctors, well-established rules with the educators… It has been two weeks since I can see my children except once a month, for an hour, for a year” , she regretted.

To make her fight against justice and her ex-companion heard, the mother has published four books in which she tells her story.

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