This mom opens up about her postpartum on TikTok and her videos go viral

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-14 12:47:00

To break taboos, this mother wanted to film her postpartum after the birth of her child. And his videos made the buzz.

It's not always easy to feel comfortable with your new body after giving birth. The reason ? Diktats around thinness as well as taboos on pregnancy and postpartum. Result: the period after childbirth is sometimes complicated for many women.

Credit: @mama3xxx

A young mother who breaks taboos

To restore self-confidence and break taboos, Danisha Lestaevel, a young mother decided to film her postpartum and the changes in her body. In an Instagram post, the mom wrote: “If you are down, feeling down about your body, remember your beautiful children who see no fault, you are loved. If you have no children, remember that our bodies do so much for us on a daily basis, you are beautiful and you are loved' .

Credit: @mama3xxx

And that's not all. She chose to reveal her postpartum video on TikTok. Thus, she reveals her stretch marks, her belly and her new forms. In just a few days his videos went viral, one of which garnered over 20 million views.

The truth about postpartum

Faced with this success, Danisha chose to break the taboos via her TikTok account and to free the floor on the changes in the female body after pregnancy and on self-acceptance: “It's really important to be kind and patient with ourselves when trying to adjust to a new version of our body” , she confided on TikTok. Finally, becoming a mother is the greatest gift, so why not accept that a woman's body changes and evolves? An inspiring tiktoker!

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