This Man Won The Lottery Jackpot, But He Can't Leave The House For Some Chilling Reason

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-07 18:29:03

In India, a bus driver who won the jackpot in the national lottery is living a real nightmare. The reason ? He can no longer leave his home because people are asking him for money.

« Jealousy is a slippery feeling '. This quote from American writer and journalist Ambrose Bierce illustrates what Anoop, a bus driver from Kerela State ( Inside ). Anyone who has become a millionaire after winning the jackpot in the national lottery is afraid to leave home. His victory prompts strangers to demand money from him.

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“I would have preferred not to have won”

The daily life of this family father changed on September 17 when he won 250 million rupees (more than three million euros) playing poker. lottery . But that daydream quickly turned into a nightmare.

« I was so happy when I won. There were people and cameras all over the house and we were happy “, he revealed in a video shared by the BBC. And the least we can say is that his winnings have attracted a large number of ill-intentioned people. The latter do not hesitate to wait for him in front of the family home:

« I can't leave my house, and I can't go anywhere. My son is sick and I can't even take him to the doctor “said Anoop. ' I haven't received any money yet. Nobody seems to understand my problem, no matter how many times I repeat it ».

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A few days ago, he posted a new video on the networks, in which he implores his harassers to stop their actions: “ I would have preferred not to have won. Third price might have been better ».

For the moment, Anoop and his family are staying with relatives while waiting to move to another place, far from the madding crowd.

Source : Closer