This Man Saved The Lives Of Two Other Runners While Running A Half Marathon

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-23 19:30:02

In California, a cardiologist ran a half marathon and saved two lives. During the course, two runners who had suffered a cardiac arrest collapsed in front of the cardiologist, who resuscitated them.

The Monterey Bay Half Marathon in California was held on November 13. Among the participants was Steven Lomé, a cardiologist who did not expect his day to be so surprising.

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While running, the cardiologist saw a runner collapse in front of him. Immediately, the man approached to try to help him, and he noticed that the runner had no pulse and was suffering from a cardiac arrest .

Cardiologist resuscitates runner

The cardiologist began to give the victim a cardiac massage to try to resuscitate him, while the people around called for help. Six minutes later, the runner regained a pulse thanks to a defibrillator which was brought to the cardiologist. The latter helped the man into the fire ambulance before returning to his race.

During the rest of marathon , Steven Lomé mainly walked since he was on the phone with the medical staff of the hospital to follow up on the patient's state of health. According to John Ellison, the race's medical director, the runner's heart rate returned to normal quickly, and the patient woke up in hospital in good health.

He saves a second life on arrival

Steven claimed the runner's cardiac arrest was 'a unique event in the decade at the half marathon' . However, this event was not so unique since it happened again when the cardiologist crossed the finish line. At the end of the course, a second runner collapsed on the ground, just as Steven arrived.

“I crossed the finish line, I threw my arms in the air… and another runner fell right in front of me” , said the cardiologist.

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This second runner was also the victim of a cardiac arrest and had no pulse. Steven once again provided a heart massage and used the defibrillator to resuscitate the victim, who woke up. The second runner was also taken to hospital.

“Both had undiagnosed heart disease , explained Steven. After cardiac arrest outside the hospital, they made a full recovery. What are the odds of two people going into cardiac arrest during a race? What are the chances that they will both make a full recovery, when normally only 5% survive cardiac arrest in hospital? And what are the chances that the same cardiologist is right behind them? »

After the event, Steven made a point of visiting the runners in the hospital, and he even gave his race medal to the second runner.

“He didn’t receive any at the finish line and he crossed the finish line before his cardiac arrest, so he clearly deserved it” , did he declare.

If the cardiologist finished the half-marathon in 2h30, he shone with his professionalism by saving two lives.

Source : Runners World