This man lived like a goat and explains the reason for his choice

Author: Clark Tos
2023-02-27 09:11:03

For three days, a man decided to live among a herd of goats, adopting their gait and way of life. He recounted his experience in a book to explain the reason for such a choice.

Thomas Thwaites, 34, is a graphic designer and performance artist and is known as the “goat man”. The reason ? Too stressed by his daily life, he decided to live like goats.

Photo credit: Tim Bowditch

When he was feeling bad about his life, Thomas thought back to a thought he had had when he was a child. He told himself that if he were a cat, he wouldn't need to go to school. Become a animal to escape the obligations of life is an idea that has never left him since years later, this thought came back to him.

“I had no moral , he confided. I was a bit depressed by the complexities of human life and all the effort to earn money. I thought, 'Wouldn't it be great to be an animal for a while? I want to take a vacation from humanity.''”

He decides to become a goat

To escape his everyday life, Thomas therefore decided to become a goat . For this, he appealed to the Wellcome Trust, a charitable foundation which offered him an artistic prize to support his approach. With this funding, the 30-year-old spent nine months studying the possibility of becoming a goat and created prostheses to allow him to move like these animals. He even considered having a fake stomach implanted to digest the grass, before abandoning the project for health reasons.

Photo credit: Tim Bowditch

“I went to a goat farm in the Alps and had some prosthetics made by a doctor at the University of Salford Prosthetics Clinic, including prosthetic hooves and prosthetic hind legs” , explained Thomas.

Escape the stress of everyday life

Thus, Thomas spent three full days in a herd goats in the Alps. During this time, he frolicked on his artificial limbs which made him adopt the same gait as his congeners. Today, Thomas has resumed a normal human life, but he recommends all stressed people to try the experiment.

Photo credit: Tim Bowditch

'This situation allows you to get rid of the stress and frustration of everyday life, to no longer have to worry about money, family or anything else' , he said.

According to Thomas, you now know what to do to escape if you want to escape from your daily life.

Source : Independent