This is what a typical prehistoric kitchen breakfast looked like

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:19:02

British researchers from the University of Bristol, England, have just revealed the culinary menu of prehistoric men. The study reveals that the products were varied.

Credit : gorodenkoff/iStock

The scientific journal Nature Communications unveiled the study conducted by Simon Hammann, professor of archeology and paleontology at the University of Bristol, and his team who studied the remains of dwellings dating from the Neolithic (3800 - 3200 of. J.C).

For their study, the scientists traveled to northern Scotland and looked at crannogs, artificial islands found in Ireland or Scotland and which were built during the prehistoric period.

It is by analyzing 6,000-year-old pottery that scientists have been able to recreate the culinary meal of our ancestors.

Eating habits not so far from ours…

The crannongs. Credit: Dave Morris/Wikipedia

In their study, the scientists indicate that the meals of the prehistoric peoples of Great Britain consisted mainly of cereals, dairy products and meat. The peoples mixed all these products in pots, like a kind of stew or porridge, precise The Independent , before consuming them.

Scientists also reveal an important clue: depending on the product consumed, prehistoric peoples did not use the same 'utensil'. The smaller pans were used for milk and cereal, while the larger pans were used for cooking meat.

This study tends to show the organization of these peoples as well as their habits. food which are ultimately not so far from ours.