This incredible asteroid could offer more than a billion euros to each human being

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-04 17:13:01

An asteroid made of very precious metals could bring big benefits to humanity. Details.

Space contains real unsuspected treasures and some could even make us rich, very rich.

Do you know for example that there is, somewhere in the cosmos, an extraordinary asteroid whose composition is worth its weight in gold.

Baptized '16 Psyche', this celestial body could thus bring more than one billion euros to each human being on earth.

Photo credit: Istock

'16 Psyche', the asteroid that was worth 1 billion

Located between Mars and Jupiter, this asteroid metal, 226 kilometers wide, is indeed endowed with a core, of iron and gold.

Precious metals that give it an inestimable value. Well almost, since experts estimate it at around 10,000 quadrillions of euros. A wealth such that it would allow each inhabitant of our planet to receive nearly 1.4 billion euros if by chance it were shared by all humanity.

« Deep within terrestrial planets, including Earth, scientists infer the presence of metallic cores, but these lie far beneath the planets' rocky mantles and crusts. Asteroid Psyche offers a unique window into these building blocks of planet formation and the opportunity to investigate a previously unexplored type of world “, explains the NASA in remarks reported by the site .

Since 2019, the American space agency has therefore been planning to send a vessel space on the asteroid. This was originally scheduled for last summer but the take-off of the machine has been postponed until next year. A postponement due to problems in the development of the mission soberly baptized “Psyché”.

Takeoff should take place, unless there is a reversal, on August 10, 2023, but it will be necessary to wait until 2026 for the ship to finally arrive in the region of the asteroid.

It will then remain in orbit around the celestial body for 21 months in order to study its composition, specifies the magazine. Forbes .

This mission is scientific. For the time being, there is therefore no question of exploiting the invaluable resources of the asteroid, but for how much longer?

Source : Naa