This illustrator creates committed drawings to raise awareness about breast cancer screening

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-05 11:53:01

Illustrator Diglee has teamed up with pharmaceutical company Organon to raise awareness about breast cancer and self-examination. Zoom.

In this month of Pink October, which aims to raise awareness of the cancer be you , illustrator Diggle, has partnered with an organ , a pharmaceutical company. She has produced committed illustrations that aim to inform and raise awareness about self-examination and breast cancer. Through a series of inclusive, intimate and playful illustrations, the illustrator breaks taboos on screening.

Credit: Diggle x Organon

Inclusive illustrations

In these illustrations, the artist recalls how to proceed with l’autopalpation . The pharmaceutical laboratory also raises awareness of breast cancer. As a reminder, during his life, nearly “one in nine women is affected by breast cancer, a risk that increases with age. Yet if detected early, breast cancer is cured in 90% of cases” , specifies the laboratory.

Organon France Medical Director Isabelle Bikart said: 'Breast cancer is a key subject in women's health but also very intimate. This is why we wanted to bring this subject gently and pedagogically with the illustrator Diglee. With her illustrations, we want to raise women's awareness, but also their loved ones, to the importance of knowing your body well but also to the self-examination gestures which can sometimes make it possible to detect an early pathology and a rapid treatment.”

Credit: Diggle x Organon

How to perform a self-assessment?

This collaboration also makes it possible to recall the techniques of self-palpation.

1/ Raise one arm, put your hand behind your head and use the finger pads to examiner your breast. Start at the outer high edge (next to the armpit) and make several small circles without taking your fingers off. Finish by pressing quite firmly.

2/ Then start again until you go around the whole breast, without neglecting the bone area, and go back and forth on each area, in circles or in lines. Pay particular attention to the area between the breast and the armpit and the entire armpit and note anything that seems unusual to you.

3/ Then examine the nipple: press it gently to check that no flow is occurring.

4/ Then go to the second breast by repeating the same gestures.

5/ Perform the examination again in a lying position.

Of course, it is recommended to consult a specialist gynecologist or midwife at least once a year to make sure that everything is going well. These exams are not to be overlooked. An inspiring collaboration that makes sense.

Credit: Diggle x Organon

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