This house transformed into a tribute to Stranger Things for Halloween is spooky

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-12 17:19:01

Halloween is fast approaching and in the United States, we do not do things by halves. Indeed, the Americans are already preparing this festival of horror. Among them, a young man has set the bar very high for this year by drawing inspiration from the famous series Stranger Things .

Credit: Netflix

Between decorations and sweets for the occasion, the preparations for Halloween are not easy. So, Internet users share their good plans and their progress for the high mass of October 31 on social networks.

On TikTok, a user has unveiled a preview of its decoration, and the least we can say is that it is in tune with the times. One of its centerpieces is indeed inspired by the famous series Stranger Things .

A decorated house inspired by Stranger Things for Halloween

There are certainly some elements reminiscent of traditional ghosts and witches, but it is above all the representation of a character from the Netflix series that makes people talk.

In the last season of Stranger Things , Max's character suddenly levitates in the air. It is exactly this representation that the Internet user has been able to reproduce perfectly in front of his house, arousing the curiosity of passers-by.

It must be said that the staging is successful. Onlookers flock to take a closer look at this element suspended in the air, recalling this now legendary scene from the series. In addition, they do not fail to capture in photo or video the incredible scene they are witnessing. On TikTok, videos of this Stranger Things-style house are going viral and some have even been viewed nearly 3 million times.

A popularity which however disturbs the neighborhood by the comings and goings of the curious.