This Horse Runs Off Repeatedly To Find Dementia Patients Who Gave Him…Carrots

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-29 16:38:02

On TikTok, the owner of a horse shared the funny and adorable behavior of her equine: after receiving carrots from dementia patients, the horse decided to run away several times to return.

Horses have a great memory and are able to remember moments of their life that they have loved. This is the case of a horse named Panda, which is owned by Maija Vance. In several videos posted on TikTok, the horse owner shared her adorable behavior. equine .

Photo credit: @maija_vance

Panda is a fearless and determined horse who knows exactly what he wants and does everything to achieve his ends. Indeed, Maija said in her videos that her horse had run away from its enclosure several times to return to a place that it had particularly appreciated.

The horse runs away for carrots

Recently, Maija took her horse to her town's dementia unit to meet dementia patients. The latter, happy to see an animal, gave him carrots . And obviously, the horse loved these gifts!

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A few days later, Panda ran away from his enclosure and when Maija found him, he had returned to the patients to receive carrots again. The story repeated itself several times, which proves that the animal knew exactly where to go to find these delicacies. Panda's adventures have been shared in several videos posted on TikTok and the story has gone viral as the animal is so funny and endearing.

“How many times has my horse gotten away and rushed into the city dementia unit and I had to drive him home? I'm sure residents keep telling their families a horse came in, and their loved ones don't believe them.' , said Maija.

Escapes to find carrots

In one video, Panda can be seen escaping and running around the dementia unit parking lot as Maija tries to catch up to him.

'I'm so sorry this is happening again. It's 100% my fault, I took him to the dementia unit to visit the patients. They loved him and gave him carrots. Now he's trying to find ways to break free and run around town to get back there.' , explained the young woman in the video.

If these escapes waste Maija's time, they bring great happiness to the patients who can see the animal again, but also to the joy of Panda who is stocking up on carrots.

Source : My Modern Met