This grandmother celebrates her 89th birthday surrounded by... her 10 dogs

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-02 16:40:06

In Brazil, a woman celebrated her 89th birthday in the company of guests like no other, since the guests present around the table were… her 10 dogs!

Maria is a Brazilian grandmother who turned 89. For the event, the octogenarian has invited special guests to his birthday party. anniversary since she was surrounded… by her 10 dogs!

Credit photo : @vitoria.abencoada

With her pets by her side, Maria had a wonderful time that she will never forget.

She celebrates her 89th birthday with her 10 dogs

In photos and videos posted by her granddaughter, Maria can be seen alongside her 10 faithful companions. For her birthday, the grandmother set up a large table around which her dogs . Each canine was installed on a chair to enjoy a convivial moment with its mistress.

Vitoria, Maria's granddaughter, shared a video of her Grandmother where you can see her smile, clap her hands and sing.

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“She loves sharing her time and space with animals. That's why you can always find her cuddling dogs.' , explained Vitoria.

On the large table, several dishes were laid out: a large birthday cake for the octogenarian as well as biscuits for the animals. All smiles, Maria could not have dreamed of a better way to celebrate her 89th birthday. A touching event that proves that happiness lies in simple things.

Source : Marie-France