This female robot becomes CEO of a company, an idea as innovative as it is worrying

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-22 12:51:02

In China, a video game company decided to hire a female robot to run its business. A first in the world.

Will robots soon replace humans like in science fiction movies? This scenario could well take place in China, since a company has decided to use a robot to run the company. Indeed, the company Net Dragon Websoft, one of the largest video game designers in the country, has hired Tang Yu, a female robot.

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The company was founded in 1999, and it will be the first time that a artificial intelligence will lead this company. But it is also a world first.

A robot CEO of a company

If the members of society have decided to be led by a robot, it is above all for practical reasons.

“Tang Yu will help us in the area of ​​management and administration as well as operational issues, because we are already using artificial intelligence in many internships to develop our activities” , explained Simone Lung, vice president of Net Dragon Websoft.

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Indeed, this robot will offer considerable advantages for the company since it will never be tired. Since he will never need a break or sleep, he will be able to work continuously. On top of that, the robot does not need to be paid, so it will not receive either salary nor prime.

Within the company, Tang Yu will help employees with certain tasks. The robot will be able to store data in real time, which will allow it to improve day by day. He will also be able to make the best decisions for the company since he possesses no feelings and will not let affection take over his positions.

If this novelty is a considerable saving of time and money for this futuristic company, it can also appear worrying for the future if the employees of a company can be simply replaced for robots to save money.

Source : Europe 1