This farmer is selling off 10 tons of garlic refused by supermarkets for an amazing reason

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-07 18:05:04

Spotlight today on the very nice initiative of a garlic producer who recently organized a sale at a reduced price to avoid wasting. Narrative.

As a certain Guy Roux would say, do not spoil!

This is the adage that suits Gaël Blard, a farmer who recently organized a big clearance sale to thumb their nose at the mass distribution.

Photo credit: Gael Blard organic farmer - Istock

A farmer sells off 10 tonnes of garlic refused by supermarkets

Producer in the Drôme, the interested party thus decided to sell off 10 tons of second that supermarkets refused for a derisory reason.

As our colleagues from France 3 explain, the farmer usually deals with supermarkets through intermediaries and sells 20 to 30 tonnes of organic garlic each year.

But this year, a large quantity of its production could not be sold because its customers refused entire batches due to small and insignificant aesthetic defects on certain pods.

Gaël therefore had to sort out his unsold items and realized that he still had 10 tons of garlic left to sell.

He therefore decided to sell them off by launching an appeal to the 73,000 subscribers of his YouTube channel, inviting them to come to his farm on October 29 to buy garlic at 5 euros per kilo, i.e. a third of the price of base.

« This sale is not going to help me make any money. It will help me lose less. The idea is to limit the damage “, declared the farmer at the microphone of France Télévisions.

So far he has managed to sell 500 kg, part of which has been bought by a small supermarket local.

For the record, you should know that Gaël Blard was not at his first attempt since in 2020, he had already given unsold tomatoes to individuals.

The best way to fight waste.

Source : France 3