This Famous Swimsuit Show Proves Beauty Isn't Measured in Years or Kilos

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-23 10:42:02

Sports Illustrated has been published since 1954, but it was the magazine's annual swimsuit parade that made it famous. Until recently, this parade looked a lot like the Victoria's Secret parade, but for the 2022 edition, its organizers have decided to change its concept. From now on, women who do not correspond to the standards of beauty too often noted parade proudly.

Credit: Sports Illustrated Credit: Sports Illustrated

And it is clear that this breath of fresh air is good! Seeing plump, old, petite, in short, normal women on the catwalks is rare enough to be reported. For too long, the fashion world has responded to ever more exaggerated thinness criteria, but things are changing in the right direction. In the 2022 parade organized by the famous American magazine Sports Illustrated, ordinary women, including a physicist and a construction worker, parade alongside professional models.

Models with unique profiles

Another peculiarity of this parade was that any woman could participate. Those who paraded were selected by the editors of the magazine on the basis of photos and videos sent by the candidates. After a large number of people tried their luck, a few were lucky enough to stand on the podium and have an incredible experience in the spotlight. And as one might imagine, some one-day models really stood out.

Hunter McGrady

Credit: Sports Illustrated

Ashley Byrd

Credit: Sports Illustrated

This is for example the case of Hunter McGrady, a 29-year-old woman who assumes her curves as a person and who shows that there is no need to have a skinny silhouette to impose her beauty and her personality in a swimsuit. bath. Ashley Byrd, she worked as a construction worker before taking on the role of model to parade it and thus realize her dream as a young girl.

Camilla Kostek

Credit: Sports Illustrated

And these two models are not the only ones to have been highlighted by the magazine since it is also the case for Camilla Kostek, to whom the fashion industry had often closed doors by telling her that she was not tall enough (she is 1m70 tall) nor thin enough. Today, she has been working with Sports Illustrated since 2017 for which she did 5 shoots and once the cover. The pretty blonde is very committed and gives lectures on self-acceptance and body image.

Manju Bangalore

Credit: Sports Illustrated

Another profile that stands out is that of Manju Bangalore. In real life, she is a physicist and an astronaut candidate. But this does not end here ! The pretty brunette also finds the time to carry out two charity projects: the first helps women obtain the necessary personal hygiene products and the second provides free paint kits and art classes to people affected by Parkinson's disease . She offered her profile and rose to the challenge with flying colors.

Shannon Burton

Credit: Sports Illustrated

Next is Shannon Burton, a woman who began her career as mannequin 15 years ago she was 35, an age at which many models finish their work in the fashion industry. But again, the organizers allowed him to continue to parade while other brands often tell him 'no' because of his age: “I turned 50 in March and thought it was the perfect way to celebrate such a big milestone. So I threw myself into it. I have 2 teenage daughters, I want them to see their mom chase her dreams, push boundaries and stay strong so they too feel empowered in their lives to do the same. »

Denise Austin

Credit: Sports Illustrated

Finally, Denise Austin, at the age of 65, also lit up the podium with her beauty. Considered one of the pioneers of the fitness industry in the United States, she has been writing books on healthy lifestyles for no less than four decades. Today, the Olympic fitness coach helps women over 50 get the body of their dreams and feel great.

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