This Englishwoman has attended more than 200 funerals of strangers who had no one to say goodbye to them

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-16 13:27:01

Death is a very strange concept. For many it is frightening and traumatic, while for others it is a very interesting subject. In particular, she devotes hours to drawing and taking photos of the vast Victorian cemeteries of London.

Credit: Jeane Trend-Hill / Facebook

But she only started going to funerals after she accidentally walked into one in 2012. “I entered this pretty church and understood that a service was in progress” she said. She explains : “I was brought up as a Catholic and was told it was wrong to leave at such times, so I stayed and sat in the back. He was a complete stranger, but I was moved. Shortly after, a cemetery employee contacted me and asked if I wanted to attend the funeral of a veteran who had no one else to pay their respects, so I agreed and I went there. »

Over the years, Jeane Trend-Hill claims to have attended more than 200 funerals of strangers. Employees of the cemetery where she visited frequently asked her to attend the funerals of the deceased who had no relatives. “I realized that everyone has a story to tell, everyone has lived a life and there should be someone to remember them when they die. Now I've attended nearly 200 funerals of people I didn't really know, although I've lost count,” she said.

This resident of Islington, London, says she is proud of what she is doing. 'I'm proud to be that person who goes to funerals of strangers when there's no one else who can attend' she said, adding: “No one should ever be cremated or buried alone. » Jeane, an actress, photographer and artist, said: “I have always been intrigued by death since my childhood. We would go to cemeteries, and I would walk around looking at all the fallen down . They are like outdoor art galleries. » Jeane Trend-Hill, 55, has always been intrigued by death: cemeteries, funerals and everything associated with it. After losing her mother, Mary, 57, when she was just 20, and her father, Joe, 56, when she was just 14, Jeane began to feel at home in the cemeteries and crematoria.

Credit: Jeane Trend-Hill / Facebook

Credit: Jeane Trend-Hill / Facebook

A fascination with people and cemeteries

Jeane also spends time tending and tidying up cemeteries now because she finds them fascinating. In addition, she has visited several cemeteries around the world, including those in Paris and Venice, and she obtained a doctorate in mortuary sciences in order to work as a cemetery historian. She recently said: “the first thing I do when I arrive somewhere is to see where the crematorium or the graveyard the closest. »

On Facebook, strangers have now taken to contacting Jeane to invite her to say goodbye. “If I am asked and I am available to go, I will do it” she confides. She says her family even jokes and sometimes calls her “praise a mourner” . 'It's a nickname they gave me and it's pretty funny' she says. “Of course, I would never charge anyone to attend a funeral. I will wear a mourning dress to the funeral if asked. Death has never worried me, I just hope I can make death less scary for people. It's my way of giving something back.' concluded Jeane.

Credit: Jeane Trend-Hill / Facebook

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Source : New York Post