This coach teaches women how to manipulate men to get what they want

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-11 13:57:02

Her name might not ring a bell, but Margarita Nazarenko is a popular social media influencer. It must be said that his job is to help women manipulate men to get what they want.

Margarita Nazarenko, 34, is a australian life coach who helps her sisters to manipulate men to achieve their ends, explains the magazine Entre Nous. His advice? Boost your femininity to seduce the male sex.

Credit Photo : margarita.nazarenko / Instagram

« If you want men to do more for you, amplify your femininity she told Southwest News Service. ' Men crave femininity and get enormous satisfaction from serving feminine energy. ».

The one who married a surgeon advises her clients ' learn to set boundaries in motherhood, and share tasks with their partner instead of trying to do it all ».

Influencing to reign better

In her interview with the British press agency, the young woman shares her experience. When she was younger, she wanted to pay the bills and tried to get into a relationship with men who didn't want her.

Credit Photo : margarita.nazarenko / Instagram

It is in this context that the thirties decided to take control of her life. Still according to him, the word ' manipulate means ' skilfully influencing '. And the least we can say is that the i nfluenceuse follows his own advice to the letter.

Some time ago, Margarita Nazarenko manipulated her husband into offering her a dream trip to the United States. Still according to her words, her companion benefited as much as she from this luxurious stay:

« Simon wanted to buy an RV, I pretended to be interested in his dream and we went to an RV convention in Las Vegas (…) We ended up going on an amazing vacation and we stayed in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and he didn't buy an RV “, she confided.

Before concluding : ' Women should support their man in whatever he wants to do ', but in ' trying to adapt the ideas in such a way that there is mutual benefit”.

Source : Between us