This Chihuahua became the world's oldest dog after being rescued from living on the streets

Author: Clark Tos
2023-01-24 10:30:02

The palm of the oldest dog in the world has just been awarded to Spike, a chihuahua who pointed the tip of his muzzle 23 years ago.

On December 7, Spike, an adorable chihuahua, was awarded the title of 'oldest dog in the world' by the Guinness Book of Records . The 23-year-old dog is enjoying happy days with his owner, a certain Rita Kimball.

Photo credit: Guinness Book of World Records

The hairball was found in the parking lot of a grocery store in Ohio (USA), about 13 years ago. At the time, Spike was 10 years old and his condition was concerning.

It is in this context that Rita Kimball decided to offer him a roof for life after having heard of his situation. As Insider magazine points out, the age of the quadruped has been determined by several veterinarians.

According to specialists, the date of birth of the chihuahua would be between July and November 1999. It should be noted that the latter relied on a series of proofs and documents.

Photo credit: Guinness Book of World Records

The dog leads a peaceful life on a ranch

Since its adoption, the dog with a soft coat lives on a ranch in Preble County. His favorite activity is visiting farm animals.

Due to his advanced age, the canine - which measures 22.86 cm and weighs 5.85 kg - suffers from partial blindness and hearing loss.

Photo credit: Guinness Book of World Records

« When Spike was younger he tried to intimidate cows and horses by barking and trying to chase them. “, explained the owner of the animal to Guinness World Records.

Before adding: Today, the animals just stare at it and don't even move ».

Guinness World Records announced Spike's record on Thursday, January 19 via a Facebook post.

Photo credit: Guinness Book of World Records

Source : Insider