This Baby Tiger's Encounter With A Rabbit Didn't Go As Planned At This Chinese Zoo

Author: Clark Tos
2023-01-26 10:05:02

A Chinese zoo had the very bad idea of ​​bringing together two animals that everything opposes to celebrate the new year.

Do you know the story of the “tiger and the rabbit”?

Contrary to appearances, this is not a fable by La Fontaine, but a recent and rather comical scene that almost turned sour.

Last weekend, the nice de Lifen in China organized a small ceremony to celebrate the Chinese New Year, bringing together a baby tiger and a rabbit. Cute, but maybe also stupid.

Photo credit: @igorshko / Twitter screenshot

A zoo brings together a rabbit and a baby tiger to celebrate the Chinese New Year, fatal mistake!

Why these animals? The answer is very simple and depends on the culture in China.

You are not unaware that in Chinese astrology, the 12 signs correspond to animals. And during the Chinese New Year, one of these is assigned to the year that begins, then so on.

But it turns out that 2022 was that of the tiger and 2023 that of the Lapland .

To celebrate this symbolic passing of the baton, the zoo employees therefore had the very good idea (or not) of bringing the two animals together, but things did not go as planned, as shown in the video below.

On the images, we can thus see the baby tiger jump on the rabbit, like a beast attacking its prey.

Fortunately, more fear than harm, because the rabbit came out unscathed and certainly with a good scare, as the site specified. Newsweek .

A good omen for the new year?