This Artist Imagines What Famous Cartoon Characters Would Look Like As Adults

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-10 11:16:01

In a series of illustrations, an artist has imagined what cult cartoon characters would look like in adult versions. The result is simply stunning.

Jorn Siberian is a self-taught artist who does not lack talent. The one who spent his childhood in Siberia made it his mission to imagine what characters from cartoons popular as an adult.

Illustrations that take us back to childhood

In an interview with Bored Panda, the young man - who works in a mobile game design company - explained that this exercise allowed him to perfect his technique and stimulate his imagination while having fun.

« I have a law degree and no artistic training (…) I needed to draw to improve my technique, work on color and composition “, explained the creative to the news site. And the least we can say is that the designer has quite a stroke of the pencil.

Still according to his words, each illustration lui to permission to surpass himself: « If you compare these works you will be able to see the difference in technique and style as I was gaining experience after each drawing. The most fun part was trying to portray a character's mood ».

For Jorn Siberian, art is a means of expression and sharing. Through his works, he strives to communicate on subjects that are close to his heart, such as mental health, family and relationships or even homosexuality.

« I am still learning (…) I hope not to fall into moralizing, and I do my best to put forward all the ideas that are close and important to me in 2D and 3D works “, he concluded.

Without further ado, discover below the cartoon characters in adult version:

Sacha / Pokemon

Photo Credit: Jorn Siberian

Dipper Pines / Souvenirs de Gravity Falls

Photo credit: Jorn Siberian

Wirt / The Strange Forest

Photo credit: Jorn Siberian

Arnold Shortman / Hey Arnold!

Photo credit: Jorn Siberian

Eliza / La Famille Delajungle

Photo credit: Jorn Siberian

Steven Universe / Steven Universe

Photo credit: Jorn Siberian

Mabel Pines / Souvenirs de Gravity Falls

Photo credit: Jorn Siberian

Aang / Avatar, the Last Airbender

Photo credit: Jorn Siberian

Jimmy Neutron / Jimmy Neutron

Photo credit: Jorn Siberian

Stewie Griffin / Family Guy

Photo credit: Jorn Siberian

Yoh Asakura / Shaman King

Photo credit: Jorn Siberian

Source : Bored Panda