This American YouTuber refused 1 billion euros to sell his YouTube channel and the company that goes with it

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-02 18:27:03

World-famous YouTuber MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, says he turned down a billion-dollar offer to sell his media empire, which includes his main YouTube channel with more than 100 million subscribers.

Credit: FLAGRANT / YouTube

On Thursday, September 27, Flagrant podcast co-host Andrew Shulz expressed his disbelief that MrBeast had yet to receive 'the craziest check in history' for its original content during an interview. “I was offered a pretty crazy one, a billion dollars if they could own the channel and the businesses and all that” claimed Jimmy Donaldson in response.

The 24-year-old superstar said while he was unable to provide any additional information regarding the source or origin of this absolutely incredible offer, it was most definitely a genuine offer. “There was no contract yet, but it was people who would have done it. If I had taken it seriously, they would have said, 'ok, let's find a solution', but I can't go any further than that.' explained Jimmy Donaldson.

The show's co-hosts then asked MrBeast if he had an actual price in mind for his channel. YouTube and associated brands if he were to sell everything in the future. According to, it would take at least an offer of 10 billion euros for him to agree to part with everything he has built.

Credit: MrBeast / YouTube

A YouTube channel estimated at 10 to 20 billion euros

'It's so crazy that I don't even want to say it because I just want to keep going. But we have a mobile games company and 100 million people play it, and we have a thousand Beast Burgers outlets and our Feastables chocolate presence in 20,000 supermarkets, so it would probably be 10 or 20 billion euros. In the future, I think we could be worth a lot more” he explained.

MrBeast, one of the best-known and highest-earning content creators silver in the world, is famous for his antics, including turning a backyard into a ball pit and donating a million euros with just one minute to spend it. He is also known for winning an island and luxury cars.

Source : The Mind Unleashed