This American student learned of her pregnancy just 15 minutes before giving birth!

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-13 17:08:02

The new mum you'll meet in this article had no idea she was pregnant until she saw a pair of tiny feet on an ultrasound just minutes before giving birth.

Credit: kaylaa.simpson/Instagram

Indeed, while she thought she had strong menstrual cramps, Kayla Nicole Simpson, a student at Indiana University, was actually giving birth. She went to the hospital hoping to have her appendix removed, but left with a newborn baby instead, it was November 7, 2021.

Are baby , born on November 7, is called Madi. The mother, delighted with this arrival despite her immense surprise, explained after her ultrasound: “Fifteen minutes later, my baby came into this world. » Kayla has thousands of followers on TikTok, where she shared the story of the day she gave birth unexpectedly.

The student said: “On November 7 around 12:30 p.m., I had really light menstrual cramps. And then they got really strong about 30 minutes later. I then called my mother thinking that my appendix was bursting because I was bleeding a lot. I was in so much pain that I could barely speak or move. But I was walking, so I could walk, I was just in a lot of pain. »

The family went to the hospital, where Kayla was examined. The doctor ordered Kayla for an ultrasound, thinking she might have a cyst. However, he didn't think his appendix was bursting. Things took a weird turn from there, as Kayla shared on her social media: “The next moment I was screaming in pain and it looked like little feet on the ultrasound and I started screaming so hard. »

Credit: kaylaa.simpson/Instagram

Credit: kaylaa.simpson/Instagram

Very fast delivery

Moments later, the doctor came into the room and told Kayla she was 10 cm dilated. The young woman was then rushed to the labor room, where she gave birth to baby Madi just 15 minutes later. She said she didn't feel any pain before the childbirth , having even worked the day before for 12 hours. The student only felt contractions to alert her to the birth about an hour before she delivered her baby.

In all likelihood, Kayla seems to have been the victim of what is called a “cryptic pregnancy”. Also known as a 'stealth pregnancy', this is a pregnancy discovered beyond the twentieth week. According to the National Library of Medicine, this very rare phenomenon affects one in 2,500 future mothers.

Perhaps even more surprisingly, Kayla explained that she had no bumps and regular periods throughout her pregnancy, and there was no indication that she was pregnant. Today, almost a year after this particularly upsetting event, the baby and his mother are now both healthy and happy. “I love her as much as if I had waited for her for nine months” did she say.