This accessory allows you to shave your legs in just a few seconds

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-03 15:52:02

A trend TikTok has unveiled a new device that could change your life: this folding razor with five heads allows you to shave your legs in just a few seconds.

On TikTok , there are many trends that can find tricks beauty, in order to save time or money. Influencers and Internet users do not hesitate to share their beauty methods and the new objects they have discovered and tested.

Among these tricks, a new device caused a sensation on the social network. This is the Scruffie foldable razor, which was launched in the market by Reid Simkovitz in April 2020.

Photo credit: @thescruffie

A foldable and efficient razor

This uniquely designed razor is very long and foldable and allows you to go around a leg in order to depilate rapidly. With its five adjustable shaver heads, it is designed to fit the curves of the leg. It can also be used by men to shave the small hair present behind the neck, by placing the device around his neck.

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If this razor is presented as the ideal accessory to shave quickly, it has some small drawbacks according to several Internet users who have tested the product. Indeed, it is possible that the razor misses some hairs in certain places, and it can take a very long time to clean each head of the razor. An accessory to avoid or a real time saver? It's up to you to try!

Source : Insider