This 20-year-old young man buys a company to hire his mother, unemployed after recovering from cancer

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-23 18:04:01

Our colleagues from France Bleu Mayenne echo this week the beautiful story of a certain Christelle Laze, who, after a long period of inactivity due to health problems, found work thanks to her own son.

The latter did not hesitate to buy a company last year to hire his mother, who had been unemployed since recovering from breast cancer.

Maxence, 20, bought the painting company Euzenat, located in Laval (Mayenne) to improve the precarious situation of his mother.

He buys a company to hire his unemployed mother

Once cured, Christelle had indeed tried to find work, even going so far as to solicit banks to obtain a loan in order to take over a box. In vain.

« She fell ill seven years ago. She wanted to resume a professional activity, but unfortunately, no one wanted to give her a chance. », Says the young man at the microphone of TF1 .

« I was a little reluctant at first, I didn't want him, at 20, to end up with a credit on his kidneys. Bankruptcy at that age can mark his whole life. So I didn't sleep very well at first “, confides for her part Christelle Laze.

If her concerns were legitimate, she was quickly reassured by the activity of the company which, after a year, is in good economic health.

Maxence now leads a team of four employees plus an apprentice. Of the employees that the mother-son duo decided to engage in a return assistance approach for unemployed people.

« We made it a fight. Today, we have Hélène, her handicap, which is not one, it's totally false, it's her age, we have Ingrid who has problems with her arms, David who is a former cleaner and then Inès, our little apprentice who started in September, who follows Hélène, since she will be retiring in three years, and she has many, many, many things to give before leaving “explains the young man.

A very good example!

Source : France Blue