This 2-year-old girl, who can already read and write, is among the smartest 1% of people on the planet

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-15 15:39:01

A two-year-old girl, Isla McNabb, from Kentucky, USA, has become the youngest member of Mensa, which is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world.

Credit: Pat McDonogh

Mensa International is a non-profit organization open to people who have obtained a score equal to or greater than 98% on a standardized and supervised IQ test or another approved intelligence test. According to a report, Isla McNabb scored 99% on Stanford-Binet intelligence tests. According to specialists on the subject, she would now be among the 1% of the most intelligent people in the world. At only 2 years old, Isla can already read and write, like a primary school child!

According to a Washington Post report, McNabb's parents, Jason and Amanda, decided to have their son's IQ tested. daughter . The report mentions that McNabb started naming objects in the house with toy letters. Indeed, shortly after their daughter was 2 years old, they began to spot strange patterns of multicolored plastic letters all over their home in suburban Louisville.

And despite her very young age, Isla made no mistakes when it came to naming objects in the house, such as chairs, the sofa or even the television. In particular, she spelled the word cat while standing alongside the animal. They then tested it by trying words, colors, etc. They also taught him how to say and pronounce each letter, and then pronounce his words. And again, according to the report, the two-year-old successfully completed each step.

Credit: Pat McDonogh

A very rare profile

As our Courier Journal colleagues quote, Dr. Ed Amend, the psychologist who performed Isla's test, spoke about his experience. Dr Amend said he “It is rare that children under four are tested, but it is important to encourage the abilities of gifted young people. » He added : “many parents underestimate the intelligence of their child. They associate the word 'gifted' with the word 'genius'. They think that if their child does not do calculations, it is that he is not intelligent enough. »