They find out they're dating the same man, dump him for good, and go on vacation together.

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-07 12:59:02

After finding out they were dating the same man, two women became friends and taught this cheating gentleman a lesson. Narrative.

If you want to play with fire too much, you always end up getting burned!

A man unfaithful just found out the hard way. While he was going out with two women at the same time, this 33-year-old American was caught red-handed and the reaction of the two cheated girlfriends taught him a good lesson.

Emely Ortiz and Faith Bistline (left to right). Photo credit: Faith Bistline

They discover that they are dating the same man, dump him and go on vacation together

This story, told by the Washington Post, begins when a certain Faith Bistline, 30, receives a message on Facebook after posting a photo of her boyfriend, with whom she has been dating for 18 months, on the famous social network.

« It's your boyfriend ? 'Cause he's been dating my friend for 10 months “, thus indicates to him an anonymous person.

First thinking of an error, Faith then takes a screenshot of the message then sends it to her boyfriend to clear things up, but the latter remains silent.

Without response, the young woman shortly after receives an SMS from Emely Ortiz, 22, who puts her in front of a fait accompli.

« I just want to know how long you have been dating (…) Did he tell you about me or did you have no idea? “asks the latter.

« I had no idea. It scares me a little. We've been dating for almost a year and a half. I try to give him the opportunity to explain himself, but he does not answer me explains Faith to him.

Both working in the same sector and living in the same city (Las Vegas editor's note), the two women will then get closer and realize little by little that the man they thought was their boyfriend made fun of her. During months.

And when the latter will finally answer Faith, he will find nothing better to do than to laugh at the situation by sending her the following sentence: “ I guess I need to explain myself a bit '. A laconic message accompanied by an emoji with a laughing face.

A reaction that will obviously not be to the liking of the young woman, who will immediately retort: ​​' Do you find that funny? “, she will throw at him.

At the same time, Emely Ortiz will go directly to his home, staying several hours outside his door calling him but the “brave” gentleman will never show up. Finally, she will manage to confront him the next day, screenshots in support, and the cornered boyfriend will have no choice but to confess his infidelity, presenting an apology that will not be accepted.

Since then, the two women deceived broke up with this man and eventually became friends. Their painful common experience having brought them very close.

They went on vacation together in Costa Rica. A trip that was originally planned to celebrate the anniversary between Faith and her now unfaithful ex-boyfriend.

And both seem to have enjoyed it as shown in the photos of their stay.

Photo credit: Faith Bistline

Photo credit: Faith Bistline

Morality? Such is taken who thought he was taking!

Source : The Washington Post