These UFO homes that look like they came from another galaxy are available for rent

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-03 17:01:02

Notice to lovers of science fiction and the galactic universe, these unusual houses spread around the world will please you.

Who said you had to go to space to sleep in a ship? of UFO ? Architects had the crazy idea of ​​building unusual places around the world inspired by their favorite sci-fi movie. The proof, with these oval-shaped houses resembling flying saucers . Among these architects, we find in particular the Finnish Matti Suuronen, who created the Futuro house: a vacation spot created from a plastic shell.

The Futuro house was unveiled in 1968, as the site specifies Architectural Digest . At the time, more than 100 houses of this type were built and installed before production ceased in 1973. Many architects around the world were inspired by them and designed their own Futuros or renovated these unusual houses. While some have been abandoned, others have been given a second life and are now fast food restaurants, museums or even offices.

A hotel in Deep Creek, Australia

Also in Australia, this Futuro serves as a spa and treatment area for guests of the Naiko Retreat hotel.

Credit: Naiko Retreat

Credit: Naiko Retreat

A vacation rental in Canterbury, New Zealand

This vacation rental is located in Canterbury, New Zealand. Completely restored, this spaceship is equipped with an infrared sauna and rechargeable sockets for Tesla. The cutting edge of technology.

Credit: Nick McQuoid

Nevlunghamn, Norway

As Architectural Digest reports, Per Tannum, a Norwegian design businessman, bought this space-age structure in 1971. Now it's used as a private second home.

Crédit : Nikolai Jelstrup

In Idyllwild, California

In the middle of the San Jacinto pines mountain, is the Donaldson Futuro which bears the name of its architect and owner. And we must admit that it makes you want to go and rest there for a few days.

Credit: Stacy Suaya

A vacation rental in Marston Park, UK

It was the artist Chris Barnes who discovered this old Futuro. So he decided to renovate it and turn it into a holiday home in a glade in Somerset. It is available for rent.

Credit:Chris Wakefield

Credit: Chris Wakefield

On a campus in Canberra, Australia

If you're in Canberra, head to the UC campus in Australia's capital. It is now used as a study, meeting or tutoring space within the campus. Nice, right?

Credit :  University of Canberra

In a museum in Munich, Germany

Placed in Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, a gallery of modern and contemporary art, this Futuro has something to seduce visitors. And we understand why.

Credit: AD

Source : AD