These simple tips that allow you to feel fulfilled in your life

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-07 10:29:02

What if happiness only depended on our human relationships? This is the idea developed by Caroline Arditi in an enriching book. Details.

In an ultra-connected world, where paradoxically people are… disconnected from each other, it is sometimes difficult to assert yourself and flourish in the midst of others.

To build oneself alone surrounded by others, even though one evolves in an environment marked by indifference and superficial relationships, remains an almost unattainable existential challenge. Why ? Quite simply because we cannot fully fulfill ourselves and achieve a form of happiness without real interaction.

Because it is proven, people who interact socially with their family, their friends, their community of affiliation or even their colleagues are those who are the most happy .

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Build and thrive through human relationships

Although the times do not lend themselves to it, human relations should not be sacrificed on the altar of fate. Your personal development is at stake.

This is essentially what Caroline Arditi reminds us of in her book “The art of surrounding yourself well to shine together” (Solar).

In this forthcoming book, the self-described entrepreneur and 'dealer' of joy distils her advice for building what she calls a 'dream tribe' and thus helping to improve your openness to others.

Based on her past experiences, combined with the principles of positive psychology, the author accompanies us in a process of improving relations human.

Learning from others, opening up to them, listening, so many good tips that you will find throughout this enriching read.