These photos of the rare aurora borealis observed in France are breathtaking

Author: Clark Tos
2023-02-28 12:56:02

A large solar explosion allowed the lucky ones to observe the aurora borealis in several places in Europe, notably in France. The images shared by Internet users are splendid.

Credit: Florian Bigand/Twitter

On the night of Sunday February 26 to Monday February 27, northern Lights illuminated the sky French and European. With us, this relatively rare phenomenon in our regions, has been observed in the North, Pas-de-Calais, Poitou and Burgundy.

On Twitter, many of them, curious, lovers of astronomical phenomena or simple observers, have immortalized the sublime aurora borealis in photos.

Northern lights visible from France, Germany and the UK

These aurora borealis occurred when solar activity was particularly strong in recent days, informs meteorologist Guillaume Séchet on the social network. A ' coronal mass ejection ” reached Earth on Sunday evening causing the appearance of the aurora borealis at lower latitudes in the northern hemisphere (in the south, it is called aurora australis).

The phenomenon has also been observed in the North-East of Germany and the North of the United Kingdom. From the photos taken by our British neighbors, we can notice that shades of green stand out in addition to the purple shades observed mainly in France. The Northern Lights are indeed more visible in this corner of Europe.

This superb phenomenon lasted a good ten minutes “, according to a photographer present. The activity of Sun is expected to peak in 2025, suggesting possible new aurora sightings in the future.

Source : The Parisian