These parents discovered their 7-month-old daughter covered in bruises leaving the nursery, they are complaining

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-17 13:19:02

A couple recently discovered that their toddler was covered in bruises after a day at nursery. A complaint has been filed.

What happened at the crèche private Microstars of Livry-Gargan?

The establishment, located in Seine-Saint-Denis, finds itself today in turmoil, following the filing of a complaint 'for violence against a minor under the age of 15'.

This was filed by parents who discovered bruises on the body of their baby of 7 months.

Illustrative image. Photo credit: Istock

Parents pick up their baby covered in bruises at the exit of the crèche

On September 13, the father of a 7-month-old girl picks up his child from the nursery as he does every day, but this time, unlike usual, something is bothering him.

Indeed, the attitude of the supervising staff, who is strangely considerate with his daughter, surprises him and worries him somewhat.

This bad feeling is confirmed once he returns home when he discovers red marks on his baby's chest, while giving him a bath.

Frightened, he then takes photos and hastens to send them to his wife named Loubna, who is still at her workplace.

She then tries to reassure him.

« I was not more distraught than that, Loubna tells us. I figured as she started to crawl, it was just little rubbing marks “, says the mother, questioned by our colleagues from Parisian.

But the dad does not budge, he feels that something has happened at the nursery.

« He was greeted by two employees who insisted abnormally on the fact that Maya had a toothache, that she had not eaten her snack well. My husband also remembered that our daughter was already ready, fully dressed when he arrived, which is not usually the case. continues Loubna.

Illustrative image. Photo credit: Istock

It is only the next day that the mother of the family discovers with amazement that the famous red traces have become hematomas . She then went to the emergency room, while her husband contacted the crèche to obtain an explanation from the director of the Microstars establishment.

« She went to talk to the employees who had babysat our child that day. Then she contacted us again to tell us that nothing had happened. Worse, she offered us a place in another nursery “explains the mother.

On September 15, the couple finally filed a complaint against X for 'violence of a minor under the age of 15', not without having had the baby's injuries noted by a doctor.

Contacted by the Parisian, the director of the crèche, who maintains her version, did not wish to speak.

Source : The Parisian