These parents decide to travel the world with their children before they lose their sight

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-13 15:58:01

Canadian parents decided to travel the world with their children after learning that they were going to lose their sight, to fill their memories with incredible memories.

Edith Lemay and Sébastien Pelletier live in Canada, are the parents of four children and have decided to take a trip around the world as a family. The couple is used to travel since the lovers traveled a lot before becoming parents.

If the family was to leave in July 2020 to cross Russia and go to China, they were forced to change their plans because of the pandemic.

Photo credit: Edith Lemay

Edith, Sébastien and their four children finally left Montreal in 2022. They created a list of experiences they wanted to do. Mia, their little girl, wanted to ride a horse, while Laurent, their son, wanted to drink fruit juice on the back of a camel. At the same time as the trip, both parents also insisted on homeschooling their children, so that they would stay in school.

They decide to go around the world

The family started their voyage in Namibia and got to see elephants, zebras and giraffes. She then traveled to Zambia, Tanzania and then Turkey, before going to Mongolia and Indonesia.

“We focus on the landscapes, but also a lot on the fauna and flora. We have seen incredible animals in Africa, but also in Turkey and elsewhere. We really try to show them things they wouldn't have seen at home and have the most amazing experiences.' , said Edith.

Photo credit: @pleinleursyeux

If the parents of the four children wanted to take their little family around the world, it's not only out of a thirst for adventure. Edith and Sébastien thought above all about the future of their children, who are suffering from a rare disease.

The children will go blind

When Mia was three years old, Edith and Sébastien noticed that she had vision problems. After seeing a specialist, they learned a few years later that she had retinitis pigmentosa, a rare genetic condition that causes vision loss or decline over time. Symptoms of this disease usually begin in childhood, and most adults eventually lose most of their seen .

Photo credit: @pleinleursyeux

Before learning this news, Edith and Sébastien became parents of their three other children. They then noticed that two of their sons, aged 7 and 5, had the same symptoms as Mia. In 2019, the diagnosis was confirmed: the two boys Colin and Laurent suffered from the same genetic disease. The family felt a great sense of helplessness, since there is no treatment to slow or stop the progression of the disease.

“There is nothing you can do. We don't know how fast it will go, but we expect them to be completely blind by the quarantine.' , said Edith.

To help children face the future, an expert advised parents to create visual memories for their children, so they can remember what each word sounded like later. It was then that the mother had the idea of ​​going on a trip.

“I told myself that I was not going to show them an elephant in a book but that I was going to take them to see a real elephant, that I was going to fill their visual memory with the best and most beautiful images that I could” , she said.

Helping children adjust

In addition to showing landscapes amazing to their children, parents hope the trip will help them develop a strong coping spirit they will need throughout their lives as their eyesight deteriorates. Edith and Sébastien also want to show their children that they are lucky, even if they will face challenges with their eyesight.

“They are going to have to be really resilient throughout their lives. No matter how hard their life is going to be, I wanted to show them that they are lucky just to have running water in their homes and to be able to go to school every day with beautiful colorful books. They are super curious. They easily adapt to new countries and new foods. I am very impressed with them” , confided the mother of the family.

Photo credit: @pleinleursyeux

To share her adventures, Edith decided to create an account Instagram on which she shares the progress of her family as well as magnificent photos of her children in breathtaking landscapes. If the little family plans to end their trip and return to Quebec next March, they have learned to live from day to day and take full advantage of the present moment.

Source : CNN