These Iranian women cut their hair and burn their hijab after the death of a young woman arrested by the morality police

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-19 12:49:01

Following the death of a young woman in unclear circumstances, Iranian women decided to protest in their own way .

L’ Iran has known for 3 days a sudden agitation in the wake of a protest carried by the fairer sex.

Iranian women are thus expressing their anger following the death of one of their own, Masha Amini, 22, who died after being arrested by the morality police.

The tragedy, which occurred on Friday September 16, set fire to the powder!

Photo credit: screenshot / Twitter

After the death of a 22-year-old young woman, Iranian women protest by burning their hijab

Since then, hundreds of women have shared videos in which they cut their hair or also burn their hijab . Sequences that quickly went viral on Twitter.

Symbolic gestures far from trivial and which directly refer to the Masha Amini affair. The latter had indeed been arrested on Tuesday, September 13 in the capital Tehran by the vice police, which is responsible for enforcing the dress code of the Islamic Republic in Iran.

The compulsory wearing of the headscarf in public for women is one of these obligations.

Officially, Masha Amini was arrested along with other women in order to receive “ instructions “As for the rules of dress because she was wearing an outfit deemed illegal, according to the police.

But, for reasons that are still unknown, her state of health suddenly deteriorated while she was in the hands of the police.

« She suddenly suffered from a heart problem (…) and was immediately taken to hospital. Unfortunately, she died and her body was transferred to the forensic institute “State television said on September 16, without however providing further details.

Regularly singled out lately for their interventions deemed violent, the morality police find themselves once again at the heart of a dubious affair.

Source: AFP