These coffin-like office chairs make Internet users skeptical

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-15 16:45:01

Today we present to you a funny office chair in the shape of a coffin.

It is well known, work is health!

However, many working people reject this adage and consider that working is like taking another step in the grave. And it's not the seats below that will change their minds.

Coffin-shaped office chairs

Spotted on a site Chinese internet by a surfer who hastened to share it with the twittosphere, these unusual office chairs are in the shape of… coffin .

Not necessarily the best idea to attract employees, who usually come to work backwards!

Obviously designed in wood, these chairs have a seat in white fabric similar to what is found inside conventional coffins.

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu

Photo credit: Xiaohongshu

As expected, their shape has left no one indifferent and the subject has been commented on several times. Thus, many Internet users have reacted, sometimes with humor, sometimes with astonishment, questioning the merits of such furniture of bureau .

But overall, the reactions were skeptical and it is easy to understand!

Would you be willing to work on this kind of chair?