These Canadian Navy divers took their class photo... underwater

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:49:49

Royal Canadian Navy divers found an original way to celebrate their graduation: they took their class photo… underwater!

After a year of training, divers of the Royal Canadian Navy graduated. For a year, the students trained for the search and neutralization of explosives underwater.

To celebrate the end of their training and their graduation, the students had an original idea when they decided to take an underwater class photo.

A class photo underwater

To take the photo, the students and their instructors jumped into a swimming pool , dressed in their Navy uniforms. They set up chairs at the bottom of the water and all lined up in two rows. As a backdrop, an antique diving bell was installed in front of them and a flag in the background.

Photo credit: Atlantic Fleet Diving Unit

The photo was taken by Valérie LeClair, official Navy photographer. To achieve this image, the biggest challenge was the buoyancy: how to make everyone stay at the bottom of the water?

“They could have floated to the surface. It was difficult for them to sit on the chairs. By the time everyone was in position, someone was out of breath. I only had 5 to 10 seconds to take a picture before someone came up. , said photographer Valérie LeClair.

They put weights in their pockets

In order not to float, the students and their instructors put 3.5 kg weights in their pockets. Once installed, each person checked that their neighbor did not come up and kept them at the bottom of the water if necessary. If the trainers had oxygen tanks under their chairs, the students in the back row had to hold their breath while posing.

Photo credit: iStock

It took a lot of time and trying to get the class photo final. In total, a dozen photos were taken until we had the right image. Then, the photographer retouched the photo, meticulously removing each misplaced bubble. The result, unique in the world, is impressive!

Source : My Modern Met