These 53 Puppies Who Survived A Plane Crash Are Now Available For Adoption

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-22 17:41:02

In Wisconsin, USA, a plane crashed on a golf course while carrying three humans and 53 puppies. Fortunately, everyone is safe and the puppies are available for adoption.

More fear than harm for the crew members of a plane that crashed in Wisconsin, USA. The plane was carrying three humans who accompanied 53 puppies , who were to join a shelter in Wisconsin to be offered for adoption. However, the plane crashed a few kilometers from the airport.

“It was a relatively disastrous landing , said Matthew Haerter, assistant chief of the Wisconsin fire station. As they passed through trees, the wings separated from the plane and came to rest several hundred meters past where the plane was supposed to land. »

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Fortunately, the wings contained most of the fuel for the plane . Thus, the risk of explosion was minimal when the aircraft crashed. The three people on board, victims of minor injuries, were taken to hospital but their lives are not in danger.

Puppies are available for adoption

Luckily, the 53 puppies in the hold of the plane were not injured either. As a precaution, veterinarians went on site to treat some of them, who had a few scratches.

“The dogs are all doing remarkably well said Jennifer Smieja, spokesperson for the Humane Animal Welfare Society shelter. Physically, they only suffered a few scratches, but we don't know how they will develop behaviorally. »

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The puppies were then transferred to refuges of State. If they are all doing well, they may have been traumatized by the event. As they are now available for adoption, the shelter is committed to offering training sessions to those who will adopt the animals, in order to help them manage their behavior and educate them.

Already four puppies have found a family thanks to the shelters. One of them was adopted by a firefighter present during the crash, who helped extract the dogs from the plane. As soon as he opened the door, one of the animals bypassed the other firefighters to run towards him and jump into his arms. Love at first sight was instantaneous between the little puppy and his new owner.

Source : BuzzFeed