These 2 women try on the same dress in size XS and XL and the result is sublime

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-24 18:10:02

To prove that all women can wear the clothes they want regardless of their morphology, a brand has published a video where we can see two friends wearing the same corset dress, in sizes XS and XL.

Photo credit: @marbl_ae

Many women have already found themselves in this situation: you go shopping and come across an incredible piece. But at the time of fitting, you complex about your body and decide not to buy the item.

Whether we are round or thin, we may think that an outfit is not suitable for our morphology . To counter this misconception, a brand posted a video that caused a stir on TikTok.

They wear the same dress in XS and XL

To prove that women can wear the clothes they want without worrying about their morphology, the Marbl brand unveiled a video on the social network which has already accumulated tens of thousands of views. On the video, we can see two friends wearing the same outfit for their bal the end of the year.

The two young women are wearing a periwinkle satin corset, associated with a long skirt of the same color. With their different morphology, the friends do not do the same cut : one of the corsets is size XS while the other is size XL. And yet, the result is sublime since the outfit goes perfectly to the two friends.

The video won over netizens who wrote many positive comments, saying that the two friends looked beautiful in this outfit. Women also thanked the models for portraying all body and breast types in a video. The corset, which is back in fashion, is perfect for all silhouettes since it has a frame that supports and sculpts the chest, whether large or smaller.

On the Marpl brand website, the corset is available for purchase from sizes XS to 3XL, in five different colors. And it suits all body types, as these two friends have proven.

Source : TikTok