Their cheeky neighbor was gardening with his buttocks in the air, they denounce him to the gendarmes

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-07 17:06:01

A man with exhibitionist inclinations has just been sentenced for tinkering naked in his garden. Narrative.

This is a funny news item echoed by our colleagues from France Bleu, this Thursday, October 6.

The neighbors of a 70-year-old man recently denounced him to the gendarmerie after seeing that he was tinkering... buttocks in the air in his garden .

Living in the vicinity of Oloron Sainte-Marie in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, this septuagenarian would have taken the habit of doing DIY dressed in a simple t-shirt, thus revealing his virile attributes in full view of all.

Illustrative image. Photo credit: Istock

He tinkers in his garden with his buttocks exposed to the nose and the beard of his neighbors, who denounce him to the gendarmes

Exasperated by this attitude and above all worried about the idea that their children could come face to face with the exhibitionist handyman, the neighbors therefore decided to call the gendarmerie, not without having warned the culprit beforehand.

Judged by the prosecution of Pau, the man was finally sentenced for sexual exhibitionism. For this offense, he will have to pay a fine of 300 euros.

According to the law, sexual exhibition is indeed recognized when the person found guilty is naked ' in a place accessible to the public ».

The public prosecutor of Pau, Rodolphe Jarry, also specified that for this type of conviction, justice ' also seeks intentionality, when the person seeks to show themselves naked ».

The undressed handyman was therefore found guilty of these facts. Next time, he will have to put on pants to tinker.

Illustrative image. Photo credit: Istock

Source : France Blue