The terrifying video of a man dislodging a cobra hidden in a scooter with his bare hands

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-04 20:37:02

In India, a man did not hesitate to dislodge with his bare hands a cobra that had taken up residence in a scooter. An impressive scene that may give you cold sweats.

It is no secret that India is home to a large number of species of serpents on its territory. And some of them love to hide in unlikely places. A fact to which a certain Avinash Yadav can testify.

He catches a cobra with his bare hands

On October 15, the man who describes himself as an environmental defender and a herpetological naturalist, managed to dislodge a cobra who had hidden in the front of a scooter. And the least we can say is that the reptile specialist is not shy.

Indeed, the latter used a screwdriver and his own hands to relocate the beast. Luckily, this operation went off without a hitch, as shown in a video posted on Avinash's Instagram account.

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Unsurprisingly, passers-by did not miss a single crumb of the show. It must be said that the rescuer showed impressive composure. You may not know it, but the Indian cobra (also known as the “spectacled cobra”) has extremely potent venom. It is mainly found in Inside , Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Its diet consists of rodents, lizards and birds.

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