The scar challenge is the new dangerous challenge that is all the rage on TikTok

Author: Clark Tos
2023-02-14 16:42:02

This irresponsible and dangerous challenge is gaining more and more momentum on the number one social network among young people in the West. A dermatologist warns of this practice, while responsible Internet users have called on the platform to ban this content.

Photo credit : Wachiwit/ iStock

The challenge which has been making a lot of noise for a few days on TikTok is that of the scar. The principle is simple, you have to pinch your cheek with your fingers before performing a rotation which, eventually, will cause bleeding.

A funny idea of ​​challenge, presented in the form of a tutorial video to teach Internet users to perform this movement and which has accumulated hundreds of thousands of views for a few days.

TikTok once again in the sights of Internet users

Photo credit: Kar-Tr/iStock

Luckily, not all Internet users fall for it stupidly, and many have come to the attention of TikTok for coming to terms with these videos, which are considered self-harm.

For our colleagues from BFMTV, Rayane, a high school student , denounces this challenge which only aims to attract views: “ Everyone will start to test, accumulate views... it's TikTok '. Dermatologist Romain Prud'homme warns about the possible indelible marks that can be created after pinching.

This is not the first time that TikTok has been singled out for its dangerous challenges. After the 'blackout challenge' or 'headscarf game' which had caused the death of two young girls, the Chinese social network had promised to ban any content advocating dangerous challenges for Internet users. For the moment, the platform has not reacted to complaints from Internet users.