The reaction of these little black girls, who cannot believe that the new little mermaid looks like them, is touching

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-15 13:05:10

Far from all controversy, images showing little black girls happy to discover an Ariel that looks like them have caused a stir on the web.

Unveiled on September 10 by Disney, the trailer for the highly anticipated live action of “ The little Mermaid sparked a flurry of mixed reactions - to put it mildly - from a few netizens, surprised and even irritated by the choice of lead actress Halle Bailey.

In question, the skin color of the latter which happens to be black, which was not to the taste of many Internet users, scandalized by this choice deemed irrelevant.

Photo credit: Disney / Screenshot

Little black girls happy to be able to identify with the new little mermaid

While some called the comments thinly disguised racism, others sought to defend those offended, saying Disney's choice sounded more like an excess of ' wokisme counterproductive and above all contrary to the spirit of the original work, in which the heroine Ariel is white and red.

Far from all these controversial considerations, more cheerful images showing young black girls happy to see an Ariel in their image have meanwhile flourished on social networks.

Several parents have thus immortalized the brilliant reaction of their pleasantly surprised princesses to discover a mermaid in which they can identify.

In these refreshing images, some of which were shared by Halle Bailey herself, we see delighted little girls with stars in their eyes and that is perhaps the main thing.

As a reminder, the theatrical release of 'The Little Mermaid' is scheduled for May 24, 2023 but until then, the film has not finished spilling a lot of ink.