The mayor of a small town in Italy offers 30,000 euros to anyone who wants to buy an abandoned house

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-22 14:14:01

To compensate for the desertification of the inhabitants, a small town in Puglia offers to offer 30,000 euros to anyone who buys a modest house in the city center.

La ville de Presicce. Credit: milla1974/ iStock

Initiatives of this kind are multiplying in Italy to counter the exodus of the population to the cities. After houses sold at 1 euro in Sicily to encourage the repopulation of a village, it is the turn of the small town of Presicce to take the lead.

This medieval city in southeastern Italy is nicknamed the 'City of Green Gold' for its production of green olives. But this major asset of Presicce is not enough to attract newcomers to the town.

A check for 30,000 euros to settle in Presicce

Credit : [email protected] / iStock

Faced with desertification and the low birth rate that the city is currently experiencing, the mayor of Presicce, Salvatore Riccardo Monsellato, offers anyone who wishes 30,000 euros to buy an abandoned house in the city center.

For the American media CNN, its municipal councilor, Alfredo Palese, gave more details: “ Many houses are empty in the city center which was built before 1991, and we would like it to come back to life with new residents ».

Despite more than attractive real estate prices (500 euros per square meter), the municipality of Presicce is struggling to increase its population by 10,000 inhabitants. The lack of professional opportunities and the remoteness of cities are among the reluctance among buyers.

The check for 30,000 euros is an aid which should allow the future buyer to renovate ' the abandoned building and finance the purchase of the house. If this is not enough, the municipality also provides tax advantages and bonuses for families and businesses wishing to settle in Presicce.