The Little Mermaid: Internet users protest against the choice of a black actress after the release of the trailer

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:19:02

On Saturday September 10, the trailer for the adaptation of The Little Mermaid was unveiled, which sparked many reactions on social networks.

After having adapted The Lion King, Mulan or Dumbo in film, Disney will adapt a new cult cartoon: The Little Mermaid. The production of the live-action film ended a short time ago and a first trailer has been unveiled.

In a few minutes, we can see the depths of the sea and the little mermaid singing the first notes of “Leaving there” with a crystalline voice.

A rain of criticism against the actress

While many fans of the Walt Disney universe are impatiently awaiting the release of this film, others are upset about the choice of the actress. The little Mermaid will be played by Halle Bailey, an American actress and singer.

Photo credit: Disney Studios

If this choice does not please many Internet users who have expressed their dissatisfaction on Twitter , it's basically because the actress is black and her physique is much different from the pallor and red hair of Ariel in the Disney cartoon.

Internet users defend Halle Bailey

If the choice of the actress has created a lively controversy, many Internet users have rushed to defend Halle Bailey and to support that the choice of Disney was excellent. Calling the protesters racist, these netizens said it was important for black people to be represented in pop culture and that this actress was perfect for the role.

Long before its release, The Little Mermaid is therefore at the heart of a great debate. You will have to wait until May 24, 2023 to see this film in the cinema and form your own opinion.