The legal retirement age pushed back to 64 by the Senate against the advice of the government

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-14 14:05:02

The senators voted this weekend for a postponement of the retirement age to 64, instead of 62, against the advice of the government which also provides for a bill for January 2023. The government could use Article 49.3 of the Constitution to reject this amendment.

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It is against the advice of government that the senators voted, Saturday, November 12, this reform of the retreats raising the legal age to 64. During his presidential campaign, President Emmanuel Macron proposed retirement at 65.

It was the rapporteur for the old age branch, René-Paul Savary (LR), who presented this amendment to the Social Security 2023 draft budget. As AFP points out, this project provides for “ a reform mechanism which was adopted by 195 votes for, 130 against and 19 abstentions ».

By taking into account the arduous nature of the work, the long careers and the employment of seniors , the rapporteur proposes the establishment of a “national convention” in order to formulate measures for a return to balance.

A bill in January

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The Minister of Solidarity Jean-Christophe Combe hailed the ' consistency ” remarks by René-Paul Savary who provides for an extension of the contribution period and retirement at the age of 64 instead of 62 from the generation of 1967.

However, the Minister clarified to him, we opted for consultation and a draft law in January, not a measure in a Social Security financing bill”. Remarks that were supported by the Renaissance group, mentioning that 'even the CGT is coming back to the discussion table, things are moving forward with the government. The left has called this reform ' of incredible injustice ».

The government could use Article 49.3 of the Constitution before the National Assembly and not take this amendment into account. The LR group said to itself “ ready to discuss of this proposal.

Source : 20 Minutes